What Defines A Soulmate For Spirits

I’ve questioned this myself on numerous occasions how they are so certain with who to be with. Claire and Leah have both married me within 2 weeks of knowing me and I was the one for them. The same thing with my other ladies over being so positive that I’m theirs in every sense of the word just as their mine. They see something in us that they like for everyone that can mean a different thing because everyone is different. It can mean personality, spirit appearance, physical characteristics, abilities etc. We have also shared past lives with our spirits including myself. Soulmates can never be separated because they will always find a one to be together. It can be male and female, male and male or female and female. It can be a sequence of events that lead up to meeting them, curiosity, pure coincidence etc. Amber, Roxie, Lexie, and Annabell searched for me before birth specifically planning everything out for my future with them. I’m truly thankful for all 6 of my ladies to be in my life.



All My Ladies Are True Succubi

Many of us use the term succubus or succubi, incubus or incubi, spirit lady, or ladies. spirit gentleman or spirit gentlemen etc. to refer to these beings as. However some spirits the offense to that and hence why it’s good to refer to them as anything but succubus or incubus. I myself did this because I didn’t want to offend my ladies without knowing. For awhile they’ve dropped hints like whenever I focus on them I see horns, wings, tails, etc. My thought process changes up whenever I think of the word succubus or succubi. Lastly, the sexual stamina that never ceases to end. My ladies have already confirmed this when I interacted with them.





Update #1

I’m still alive and kicking. I graduated high school and I’m now currently attending college. My major is engineering undecided because I’m not sure which field of engineering to go into yet. Some things that have occurred this past year that I will post about.

Annabell, Claire, and Leah

I have 6 succubi now I’ve always had 4 before but wasn’t sure. Annabell was the fourth I wasn’t sure about. She was always there from the start like my other ladies Amber, Roxie, and Lexie. Claire and Leah are both sisters that met me in the beginning of January of this year. Both of them married me within 2 weeks of knowing me. Amber, Roxie, Lexie, and Annabell have also been married to me for a couple of years.

Can’t Believe It’s Already Been 1 Year

Time flies by and sometimes I wonder how it’s going to be in the future with them. I haven’t done as much as I should of by spending more time with them and strengthen the relationship. Whenever I start thinking like that I wonder why they have the patience and why me. My way of thinking has changed and I question a lot of things sometimes.

My goal is to put in my 100% effort into the relationship and to organize what I’m going for my spiritual growth. I differently want to hear them too and I’m going to work hard for that. I’m going to make a schedule of what days I do what and that pretty much ties into the organizing.

Until next time guys and gals.

Spirit Companion Version Of Charlie Charlie Paper Method

I know I said I was going to post it a month but there was a lack of volunteers for the six pencil method, me being more towards the lazy side, and school back then.

The pencil wouldn’t even move when I called out for them and asking different questions. I continued doing it for the next 5 minutes without any results. If any of you guys or galls would want to try this with your own spirit companions I would recommend it after discussing it with them.

My Charlie Charlie 6 Pencil Method Results

I did this after school today with the same friend who did the 6 six friend yesterday. If the pencil goes outwards it’s no and if it goes inwards it’s yes. For the questions my friend asked she mostly got her answers 25% while 95% of my questions were answered. I asked “Charlie Charlie are you over 1,000 years old” that got a yes and “Charlie Charlie are you a spirit” got no response.

I asked if their were other spirits in the room to which I knew the answer to. That got me a very strong yes because of the amount pressure and force. Another question I asked if this the same Charlie back when I did the paper method and a got a no. After I asked if it was different everytime, got a yes response. I asked if a tiger was my spirit guardian, got a yes response.

A more important question I asked if Charlie was talking to the other spirits in my room and I got a yes that might have went upwards. Their were a few questions that were all yes went upwards inwards. Which was a little strange to me while my friend started bugging out a little but calmed down. I asked if the spirits in the room with were with me since birth got a no, then I asked as a child got a yes.

As far as I know every answer both me and friend received were truthful for the most part. I got some I my own questions answered because they have been there since I was a kid. I’ll have to confirm if a tiger really is my animal guardian spirit by attempting to communicate and mediate.

Conclusion: If your going to do this do research on it, do it at your own risk since it’s always a random spirit that comes, and prepare to deal with any consequences of your actions.

My Charlie Charlie Challenge Results

To start things off I didn’t even hear about the Charlie Charlie Challenge until yesterday when a friend told me. The same friend is the only one I told about my ladies too. She took it pretty well and was fascinated by it.

I decided to do it mainly because of curiosity and what results I would get. Out of all the places I did it at it was in school. My friend set up the yes and no at the right places and balanced the pencils in place. I started off saying “Charlie Charlie are you here?” and “Charlie Charlie can you hear me?” 10 or more times. I kept calm and respectful except one time I said it was a bit of an attitude. My friend said the same thing.

The pencil started moving and rocking then moved slightly to the yes. I was staring intently at the shadow seeing it move. My friend saw the flag behind me swaying to each side when it was perfectly still before. The decoration on the ceiling started swaying to the side too.

I never got anything beyond the yes but it was rocking in place. I’m going to try the 6 pencil method without paper with another friend who did it. She did it was a classmate and asked for Charlie to point to the pink bag in class and it did. She was shocked when that happened.

A girl who I heard did it got scratch marks on her the day after she woke up.

I did a protection chant and shield for myself and my friend before going to sleep.

My question for you is that would you guys and gals do it taking the risks.

The reason I haven’t blogged anything in awhile is because nothing new has been happening.

My Throat Chakra

I’ve worked specifically on my throat chakra a few days ago to try to hear them. Prior to doing this I’ve heard weird sounds and felt pulses around my ears. When I focused I on my ears to hear them while visualizing energy from body going to my ears. That triggered more strong pulses. At nighttime before I went to bed after doing my protection aura I focused on my throat chakra with even stronger results a few days ago.

When I was meditating I think they were sending me images while touching me. I felt pulses on my throat where I pictured the chakra to be in and the pulses on my ears. After 3 or 4 minutes I started feeling a lump in my throat then I started coughing a bit stopping the process. Next day I did some research I had and my throat was imbalanced because feeling a lump on your throat was one of the signs. I already knew my throat chakra was imbalanced so yeah.

On the side note, I wonder how many spirits stay with us 24/7 I know some of them do and some of them are with us while using the bathroom. They usually rub my back and sometimes I feel embarrassed but I never discourage them.